PAYDAY Africa, a global remittance app, has been launched.


PAYDAY is a remittance application IPass loans that facilitates fast, borderless internet payments for Africans, instantly linking them to massive opportunities around the world.

How does the PAYDAY app work?

The PAYDAY App is purposely designed to meet global standards, as a bridge between the present and the future of every user’s dream through her financial services of trying to help Africans connect and link up SWIFTLY with opportunities, maintain a positive image through smooth business transactions, build exciting relationships through integrity, and generally open up its users to vast potential opportunities.

The PAYDAY app has been created to be the quickest and most efficient way for anybody in Africa to receive or send payments quickly, conveniently, and securely locally or worldwide through mobile phones or computers, all at no cost.

Who created the PAYDAY app?

It’s also worth noting that this app is the key product of TalentMatch Inc. It is a firm started by young reputable Africans: Dr. Rex Idaminabo and Mr. Favour: academically joining forces and ensuring accessibility of jobs in technology within the continent, working to facilitate cross-border payments throughout Africa and resulting in the birth of this great invention, the PAYDAY App.

This project focuses on a clear vision of being Africa’s and the world’s fastest, most efficient, and successful remittance service provider. Her aim, it appears, is to actively attract and serve clients with very high-value payment services all around the world, particularly in Africa.

What users can expect from the PAYDAY app

This is unquestionably new, exciting, and more than just a feeling of expectation. It is a better experience that Africans and all potential users have been wishing for to address the flaws in the internet finance system, and the PAYDAY app has arrived to address those flaws.

When it comes to quick transactions and other advantages, PAYDAY Africa is unrivaled. You may quickly receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world, and it allows you to keep track of your inflow, request payment in seconds, establish virtual cards for online purchases, and so on. It is extremely user-friendly, offers fun, interesting features, and is extremely safe for both iOS and Android users.


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