Binance promotes cryptocurrency as a global currency by hiding BNB treasure in cryptotourism


In an effort to convince aficionados that it’s more profitable to use cryptocurrency rather than cash while traveling, Binance is promoting the first-ever crypto-sponsored vacation.

Binance hopes the two incredibly ideal influencers will persuade people to ditch fiat currency and travel the world using only cryptocurrencies.

To help them promote the concept, Binance hired Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen as two influential travelers. These influencers are based in Bali. It’s almost soul threatening to stare directly at social media moguls (each with over 2 million followers). Similar to how the bull market would act if it were humans.

Cryptotourism will become popular.
Binance’s Global Vice President of Marketing is James Rothwell. “Cryptotourism makes international travel more convenient and safer for everyone. Moreover, it is a cost-effective option as there are no fees, full transaction transparency or exchange rate issues between different countries. The simplicity with which crypto can be used while traveling is proof of the phenomenal mainstream adoption we are beginning to see.

Instead of paying cash, Lauren and Jack will make their usual travel arrangements. Additionally, they will use Binance Pay to pay for all their physical goods and services in cryptocurrency.

As a borderless and contactless means of payment, Binance Pay is positioning itself. Now that cryptography is required for borderless travel, Lauren and Jack must provide it. It will be demonstrated by Barbie and Ken influencer dolls that cryptotourism is now a thing. or should be.

It’s hard to resist wanting the ideal giraffe to sneeze on the ideal breakfast.

“I’ve dedicated my life to travel, and it’s a burden to be able to do it without having to worry about exchange rates or carrying real money,” Jack said. Traveling the world doesn’t have to be overly expensive or difficult, as some people think. And we want to show them how simpler crypto travel is.

Treasure hunt
A Binance Gift Card will be hidden separately in a location hidden by Jack and Lauren. These cards are each worth $25,000 in BNB. Using clues left on Jack and Lauren’s accounts, influencer followers can figure out where those cards are by looking at their profiles. If the winners do not already have a Binance account, new accounts will be activated once the prizes are found. The two winners will then receive a transfer of $25,000 in BNB.

According to Binance, the pandemic has severely affected the travel industry. The industry is also affected by geopolitical unrest and market instability. “Travel has been anything but simple lately, with travel restrictions, flight disruptions and large crowds. The initiative will show that cryptocurrency-backed travel is not only possible, but also a more convenient method of seeing the world.

I love exploring uncharted territory, and crypto journeys are just that, Lauren said. For those who love to travel, this is just the start of a completely new and beautiful world. We hope that the ideal dog will also sneeze on the ideal furniture.

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  • Binance promotes cryptocurrency as a global currency by hiding BNB treasure in cryptotourism
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